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Engineering and Naming

September 5th, 2011
By: Brian
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We’ve been working extremely hard as of late on the product design and engineering.  And we’ve been pushing to reach one of our biggest milestones to stay on track for our end of year launch. We call it “tooling release”. This is where many of the design variables get locked down and you commit to spending  money on plastic injection molds, sheetmetal, dies and more.  There is a suprisingly large amount of details that go into a product like this in order to manufacture it in volume. And we’ve been buried working through those details while simultaneously getting our manufacturer ready. Lots of late nights, weekends and extended trips overseas.

The good news is that we continue to make good progress, are quickly reaching this milestone and are putting together some really cool new prototypes.

The naming survey we did  was a great experience for us. We got nearly 1200 responses in a few days. It’s a great reminder of why we’re doing this.   There was a clear winner was selected with over 50% of the votes. In addition, we also got lots of other great feedback on the design and use cases we should be designing for.

One item we want to clarify from the survey is that the new name will not replace Satarii. Satarii is our company name and that won’t change. What it will change is the name of the product. Most people don’t even remember that our product was named the “Star”.  Which was part of the problem. The name didn’t stand out enough.  So our plan has been to rename the product to get a more iconic and memorable brand. And we’ve enlisted the support of some great design and branding resources in UD+M to help us do that.

The best part about the study, in our mind, is that it continues what we started with our crowdfunding campaign. This is a product that has been developed with heavy influence of its ultimate users, from the start.

We’re not quite ready to announce the results of the naming survey. But it won’t be long and we’ll be sharing some other cool stuff along with it. So stay tuned.

Thanks for your support.