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iPhone 5

September 13th, 2012
By: Brian
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Like everyone else in the world, we were eagerly awaiting yesterday’s big announcement about the iPhone 5.  The day finally came, and it came with a variety of good news for Swivl!

The rumors of a change to the 30 pin connector were of particular interest leading up to the announcement. As you probably know, the Swivl uses the 30 pin connector for operation. We originally designed it that way for a number of reasons.  It allows us to bring uncompressed digital audio to the iPhone from the Swivl rather than compressed.  This is to avoid that poor quality Bluetooth headset sound.  It also allows us to charge the iOS device during operation so you don’t drain your battery when filming.   Both of these are really valuable for capturing lectures and presentations on the go.

This rumor was confirmed with the announcement of the new Lightning connector. However, the good news is that they also revealed a tightly integrated adapter for converting  30 pin connector devices to this new design.  We have studied the specs of the adapter and are confident it will work great for continued use of your Swivl, regardless of device.

Some other highlights include:

- Upgraded front facing camera resolution to 720P for both iPhone and iPod Touch. Most of our customers use the Swivl with the front facing camera, so this is a major quality upgrade.

- Overall thinner designs for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. This allow for compatibility of more cases with our grip design.

There is one area of use that the new changes adversely affects.  When using FaceTime, most of our customers use the Swivl with the iPhone mounted in portrait position. The new adapter will conflict with our grip design and the iPhone will stick out of the top.  However, given that FaceTime doesn’t currently use our microphone, this is a minor limitation. Our recommendation to iPhone 5 users is to not connect the cable when using Facetime.  The Swivl is designed to follow you whether it’s connected by cable or not!

We have just started down the path to design a new version of the Swivl that will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. We’ll have more updates on that soon.