Firmware Update


Requires a PC or a Mac computer

These instructions require you to use a PC or Mac computer. If you are not near one, don’t worry. You can still use the App (with limited functionality) until you are ready to update.

Why Firmware Update and what is it for?

“Firmware” is fancy word for software that is inside Swivl.  When we fix problems and add features, new software needs to be installed on Swivl.  In the future, we will be able to do it directly from an iOS device, but for now, the process is described below.  If you have any hesitation on how to do it, or need any help, please call us at 1.888.837.6209 (9am – 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday) or email

Current Swivl Firmware Version 2.00.135 (Released 12/06/13)

If you are a Windows user, continue here

If you are a Mac user, continue here

Changes in version 2.00.135

  • Support for iOS7

Changes in version 2.00.60

  • Added iPhone/iPod charging while plugged in Swivl and using Swivl AC Adapter

Changes in version 2.00.59

  • Critical update to base battery indicators
  • Base battery life improvement
  • Tracking bug fixes

Changes in version 2.00.51

  • Additional Feature – Ability to turn Tracking Off
  • Additional Feature Support for new Swivl App Features
  • Improved battery life

Changes in version 1.4.2

  • Improved Sports mode panning smoothness
  • Improved tilting to cover across full range
  • Improved Normal mode panning smoothness at longer distances

Changes in version 1.2.9

  • Improved counter-clockwise panning smoothness at slow motion speed

Changes in version 1.2.4

  • Support for Marker microphone on iPod Touch (4th Gen).  Also requires Swivl App 1.1
  • Enable multiple Swivl Bases to track single Marker (only one Marker/Base audio and control channel)
  • Bug fixes to help with iOS/Swivl connection

First released version 1.0.6