Stop losing the learning content you and your institution create with Swivl. Swivl makes it easy to capture video while you teach without changing how you teach. And, as it happens, we’re conducting a giveaway every two weeks where the winner receives a complete Swivl system! All you need to do is complete the form and like our Facebook page*.

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Video collaboration

It’s more than just storage. It’s a secure solution made for professional development, training, content delivery and remote team collaboration.

Unlimited uploading

Never worry about exceeding account limits! Upload everything and decide later whether to keep it in Swivl Cloud, export it to other services or download it.

Synchronized slides

No editing required. Just upload your presented content and it is ready for playback automatically. Exactly how it was presented.

Commenting, Tagging and Analytics

Editing, time stamped commenting, tagging and detailed analytics make your content more useful than it would be sitting in a random folder.