Issues, Workarounds, Fixes


IssueAffected DevicesIdentified DateCauseTemporary WorkaroundFix StatusFixed?
Cannot hear audio during playback on iPod with iOS 6 while plugged into Swivl. Audio is fine when iPod is disconnectediPod 4th Gen with iOS 610/30/12There is a bug in iOS 6 incorrectly handling audio playback while plugged into SwivlIf possible, only use iOS 5.1 devices. Otherwise, unplug iPod during playbackWorking with Apple
Sometimes it takes a very long time to stop recording when using iPhone/iPod with iOS 6iPhone/iPod with iOS 610/4/12There is a bug in iOS 6If possible, only use iOS5.1 devices. Otherwise, do not record in HD -- use lower resolution for video recordingWorking with Apple
Inconsistent tracking. One direction stalls. Battery level dependent.Any9/1/2012Battery life indication is incorrectly calculated.Fresh batteries of AC AdapterFixed
Firmware 2.0.69
Sports needs to be smootherAny4/12/2012ImprovementNoneFixed
Swivl Firmware 1.4.2
Tilt does not go back by 1mmAny4/5/2012Only occurs on some systemsNoneFixed
Swivl Firmware 1.4.2
Counter-clockwise panning is not as smooth as clockwiseAny4/2/2012Only occurs on some systemsNoneFixed
Swivl Firmware 1.2.9
Batteries in Swivl Base are drained very quicklyAny3/26/2012If batteries are installed in Swivl Base, but never powered up, power save mode is never enabled.NoneFixed
Swivl Firmware 2.00.51
Very rarely the connection between iOS device and Swivl drops out for a few seconds. Record LED goes off and onAll iOS devices3/10/2012Firmware BugNoneFixed
Swivl Firmware 1.2.4
Microphone in the Marker does not work with iPod TouchiPod Touch Only3/1/2012iOS BugNoneFixed
Swivl Firmware 1.2.4
Cellular connection drops out while iPhone 4S is connected to SwivliPhone 4S Only3/1/2012iOS BugNoneFixed
Update iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1