Pairing the Swivl



There are circumstances when pairing your Swivl Device is required. The most common reason for needing to pair is when a lost or defective Marker is replaced with a new Marker and you are using the same Base.

How do I know if pairing is required?
There will be a single solid red light on the Marker and the Base near the “Action” Button that has the check mark icon on it.

Here are the simple steps to pair your device:
1. Turn both the Marker and Base on by holding down the Camera button for two seconds. (You should have a single red light on the Marker and the Base)
2. Press both buttons on the base at the same time. (No holding is required)
3. Quickly, press and hold both buttons on the Marker. You should see the red light on the Marker and the Base flicker and then turn green after 2-3 seconds and then you can release the buttons. If it did not work, go back to step 2 and try to reduce time between step 2 and step 3.

Watch the video here


This photo is showing an unpaired Swivl                                                          This photo is showing a paired Swivl
(Red light on Marker and Base)                                                                            (Green light on Marker and Base)
Unpaired SwivlPaired Swivl