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C-Series Carrying Case - $39
Replacement for case included with the C-series Robot. Has internal and external storage options to support any C-Series model or Gen2.
C-Series Marker Charger - $29
Replacement for dual headed charging cable that comes with Marker Pack (SW3322-M2). Requires 4 Port USB Charger (SW3400PA).
4-Port USB Charger- $39
Replacement for the USB Charger included with the C-series Robot. Includes UK, EU and AU adapters and USB Base Charging Cable.
USB Base Charging Cable - $10
Replacement for the USB Base charger cable included with the C-series Robot. Requires 4 Port USB Charger (SW3400PA).
Lightning Cable - $19
Replacement for included Lightning cable in C-Series Robots.
Marker Clip/Lanyard - $15
Combination belt/shirt clip with remove-able lanyard string. Provides the ultimate flexibility.
Shims - $10
Four replacement shims (A, B, C, D) for different size mobile devices.
Gen2 Marker - $79
Use it as a second microphone for questions and conversations or an interchangeable backup marker to extend run times. Includes lanyard.
Gen2 Audio cable - $15
Audio cable for Gen2 Swivl to mobile device connection.
Gen2 Charger - $29
Swivl custom charger for charging Swivl base. US plug.

Gen2 Swivl

Gen2 Swivl is now obselete. Click below to review features and specifications for this product.