Sports Mode


What is Sports mode?

Swivl Base can respond to how it tracks the Marker horizontally in different ways.  It has two modes — Standard and Sports.

In Sports mode, Swivl tries to keep the Marker in tighter range and reacts faster to position changes.  Swivl is able to react to quick changes.  But because it is more sensitive to positional changes, the overall performance has to be less smooth.

In Standard mode, Swivl allows the Marker to have more space — small horizontal motions do not affect the Swivl.  Motion is smoother than in Sports mode, but the response is also slower.

Standard mode should be used for most Swivl uses, especially if the subject more than 6ft from Swivl.  Only try fast motion applications may require Sports mode (we think anything that kids do, may require Sports mode).

Please watch a demo video on Sports mode: Sports mode explained

How to enable Sports mode?

If using iOS device:

In the setting tab, select Base controls and then tap on the “Sports” or “Standard”.  This selection will remain in effect until the app is terminated.


If using portable camera (GoPro, Flip, Zi8, etc):

Both Marker and Base have to be powered on and paired.  Momentarily pressing the Action Button (the one with the check mark), toggles between the Sports and Standard modes.  When Sports mode is enabled, you will see both lights turn green.