Other | January 14, 2011

Break Through

Last week was fun and full of activity with CES. But this week has been our week to break through and get noticed. Our story has broken on several major tech blogs and news channels. There are too many to mention here (just type Satarii  into Google and you’ll see what we mean), but some of the biggest highlights this week include stories on Engadget, Gizmodo, and Macstories. Our personal favorite was an interview from CES that the Bui Brothers produced on Wide Open Camera.  We did our “hey, can we show you something?” routine and this was Lan Bui’s reaction:   And they produced this totally awesome video of the dialogue splicing in our campaign video. Awesome job Lan and Vu! Getting in contact with these bloggers and news channels has been both easier and harder than expected. We ended up spending one afternoon this week camped out near the office of one major blog trying to make a connection (which we finally did after some circuitous communication tactics). And another noteworthy blogger and thought leader outright listed his phone number on his page and actually answered when I called. I really wasn’t exactly expecting to speak with him, so my first couple of statements were rather incoherent to say the least. Outside of that, its just been a huge effort sending emails, facebook posts and tweets to various potential news channels.  And we’ve gotten lots of fantastic help from friends, family and contributors too. Most importantly, the effort has been worth it. Our video has been viewed over 28,000 times in over 100 countries. We’ve seen thousands of tweets from all over the world.  And we keep seeing funding progress towards our goal. We still have a ways to go, but we’re very pleased with our progress to date and greatly appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten. Thanks everyone!  We’ll keep pushing this as hard as possible to make it a success. PS. We’re also constantly updating our campaign materials in response to feedback to make sure people understand the product and what we’re asking for. If you have any thoughts or feedback on something we can improve, just let us know.