Other | December 11, 2012

Introducing the new Swivl

We are pleased to announce the public debut of the new Swivl. The new Swivl is the second generation of our award winning product. Since the successful launch of the original Swivl early in 2012, we kept getting calls from customers asking when we’ll be able to support iPad’s, DSLR cameras, and Android devices. The new Swivl is a complete redesign to support these new devices plus offer more features and functions. It also does everything the original Swivl does with some improvements. We are debuting the new Swivl through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Why are we doing this? We’re an established small business, but crowdfunding represents an invaluable source of feedback and support. In our mind, it is the way new product development should be done in the modern economy. But this also means we have 6 months of development work remaining before first customer shipments. This is the core of crowdfunding. Sharing what you are working on early in the process, starting a dialogue, getting support. We will continue to manufacture and sell the original Swivl on our site and through select retailers for the foreseeable future. No crowdfunding project is successful on its own. It’s the culmination of friends, family members and supporters helping to support the project and spread the word. If you like the new Swivl, we appreciate your help in making it a success.