Other | February 13, 2014

Swivl partners with educators and STEM programs through new sponsor initiatives

Using video in the classroom is by no means a novel concept. Many of us can likely remember when teachers once wheeled boulder-sized TVs into their classrooms, switched off the lights and popped in a VHS. Today, however, the use of video in education has changed, and it is much more than just an additive to support lessons—it is the lesson.

The benefits of using video in the classroom

Video is fast becoming a vital tool for instruction and learning. We are seeing more and more schools adopt flipped classroom and blended learning models, as well as offering distance and online learning courses to meet the growing demand for education. Combining visual and auditory stimuli, video does more than just enhance other forms of media, such as slides, texts and oral presentations—it causes greater interaction with learning content and improves knowledge transfer. In fact, educators who adopt these techniques report increases in student motivation, engagement, retention, performance and curiosity. What we are learning is that video helps students make necessary connections between curriculum, and equips them to apply learned concepts to real-world situations. That’s why Swivl has created two new programs aimed at helping educators and institutions jumpstart and expand their use of video in school.

Introducing Swivl’s Educational Video Pioneers and STEM Programs

Swivl is always on the lookout for opportunities to give back. As part of that effort, we kicked off our Educational Video Pioneers Program during FETC 2014 last month. The goal of this program is to partner with teachers who share our vision for improving education through regular use of video in the classroom. And, we are looking to identify the 25 teachers who will join us. If selected, these partners will receive a free Swivl and unlimited membership to Swivl Cloud. In short, everything a teacher needs to start capturing their own lessons on camera, and ensure that none of their learning content ever goes to waste. But, that’s not all. An engineering company at heart, Swivl has a soft spot for all things science, math, engineering, and technology-related. So much of who we are, and our ideas for innovation, are the direct result of the opportunities made available to us throughout our careers in education. And through our STEM Program, we hope to help schools make those same opportunities available to students today. We are sponsoring 10 schools around the country by donating Swivls for use in STEM education and robotics programs, and we’re eager to see what your students come up with! Swivl believes that STEM education must become a greater priority, and that the efforts of schools around our country require increased support.

Partner with Swivl and help make a difference

See what your school can achieve by partnering with Swivl! We are currently taking applications for both our Educational Video Pioneers Program and our STEM Program. Visit our website today to apply, and learn more about how you can get involved.