Other | March 5, 2014

Capture and share multi-media videos today with Swivl Cloud and Swivl Capture

We often hear from our users that being able to easily capture lectures, presentations and meetings as they happen is exactly what they have been searching for. And, while the reassurance that we’ve built a useful, effective and desired product encourages us, it encourages us to build more. Swivl wants to enable everyone—educator, professional or otherwise—to create a curated, focused learning environment. Naturally, we believe video to be the tool for the job, but we also recognize that there must be something extra these videos offer. Which leads us to today’s big announcement.

Introducing Swivl Cloud and Swivl Capture

The team here is very excited to announce the release of Swivl Cloud and our latest mobile app, Swivl Capture. Swivl Cloud is a secure and private video hosting service designed to provide you with a pain-free way to create, manage and share content-rich videos online. Swivl Capture, which has been upgraded from our previous app, features new functionality that enables you to capture every aspect of your presentation as you present it in real time. To help you better understand the new features and capabilities of Swivl Cloud and how it interacts with our new mobile app, we created this video. Take a moment to watch and learn a bit more about the service.

Register for Swivl Cloud today and get 200-minutes free storage!

After a successful, private beta testing period, Swivl Cloud* is ready to start hosting the content-rich video presentations our users and their audiences need. To get you started, we’re giving everyone who registers 200-minutes of storage! With Swivl Cloud, we wanted to offer you more than just another video hosting service. We wanted to give you a platform that offered customized playback for all the enriched, multi-media content you create. Equally important was guaranteeing you maintain complete ownership of all content rights, which is often critical for schools and businesses. Once you’ve register for Swivl Cloud, you can use it in three (3) different ways:
  1. As a stand-alone video hosting solution to manage and share videos
  2. In conjunction with Swivl Capture to create multi-media video presentations
  3. With our app and Swivl Robot to capture learning content as it happens
After capturing and uploading your videos to Swivl Cloud, they are automatically set to private. It is only after you’ve selected the groups (such as students or team members) or individuals with which you want to share your videos that anyone else will ever see them. From there, you can dive into analytics exposing who has watched your videos, how much, when, and what they thought about them. You can imagine that for teachers experimenting with the flipped classroom model, this means knowing which students have and haven’t completed a lesson before class. For a business development or sales rep, they are equipped to tailor their next conversation with a prospect. * Already a Swivl user? Then, we’ve got great news. We’ve updated our Swivl Legacy app to give you access to Swivl Cloud. So, you too can start hosting your videos on our cloud for free.

Share your knowledge and skills with Swivl Capture

Now available for download, Swivl Capture* empowers you to record and create engaging videos of your own presentations, lectures or demonstrations from in front of the camera. In addition to capturing and managing content, this progression from our first app also allows you to:
  • Integrate slides and images directly into your presentation
  • Wirelessly upload and sync content directly to Swivl Cloud
What’s more, when you upload videos you’ve recorded with Swivl Capture to our cloud service, the audio, video and slides are automatically synchronized. There is never a need for you to edit the content you capture, and yet the enriched, multi-media playback will suggest you put in the extra time and effort.

Start creating learning content today!

Enhancing and expanding upon the capabilities of Swivl Robot, today’s release means anyone can start recording and sharing content-rich videos. To get started, just register for Swivl Cloud today, claim your 200-minutes of free storage, and download the Swivl Capture app to capture your first video. To learn more about how Swivl can help you enrich the learning and training experiences at you school or business, head over to our Solutions page for a quick overview. And before you go, don’t forget to check out the new Swivl Robot, currently available for pre-order.