Product News | April 4, 2014

Congratulations to the inaugural class of Video Pioneers!

As video continues to prove itself as one of the most effective instructional tools in education, it is quickly finding its way into classrooms everywhere. But sometimes even deploying a video solution in a single classroom can be costly, let alone throughout an entire campus. Swivl believes every educator should have the opportunity to quickly and easily create and share learning content, but especially those who have creative applications for video and already know its benefits. And so we created the Educational Video Pioneers program with the goal of identifying and further enabling those individuals who share our vision of improving education through applications of video. Today, our first goal has been completed. We are very proud to announce Swivl’s Video Pioneers, Class of 2014. Please join us in congratulating:
  1. Kathy Blankenship
  2. Dana Boddy
  3. Laura Coyle
  4. Chip Dizard
  5. Jessica Falco
  6. Ken Felker
  7. Nancy Foote
  8. Brian Friedlander
  9. Amanda Fox
  10. Adam Goodman
  11. Lynette Gutierrez
  12. Christopher Harrison
  13. Kristina Holzweiss
  14. Nevil Hopley
  15. Harrison Jackson
  16. David Jarboe
  17. Phill Klamm
  18. Danielle Lerro
  19. Jeremy Lowe
  20. Bushra Makiya
  21. Josh Murdock
  22. Rungun Nathan
  23. Jill Robinson
  24. Joy Rousseau
  25. Noel Wescombe
Welcome, and thank you for joining us on this mission. We can’t wait to start working with you and advancing education through video! Thank you to everyone who applied. We encourage everyone who wasn’t selected to apply next year. And for those of you out there with engineering programs at your school, check out Swivl’s STEM program. We accept partners on a rolling basis, and will be contacting applicants soon.

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