Swivl | April 9, 2014

How to create a multi-media video using Swivl

Sometimes the typical slide deck, voice-over, or video just isn’t enough to ensure a lesson or message is effectively conveyed. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to easily capture all three elements of a great presentation at once, with no editing required.

What is a multi-media video?

A multi-media video captures both video of your lecture or presentation and the slides or images that support it. In addition to being much more engaging and entertaining, multi-media videos provide your audience (students or colleagues) with context and ensure every valuable piece of information is shared. With just a free Swivl Cloud account and our Swivl Capture app, you can capture and share multi-media videos today. Click to watch the video below and see just how simple it is.

A brief walk through of how to use Swivl Cloud, Swivl Capture app and a Swivl Robot to create multi-media videos (i.e., slide content and video played together).

It really is that easy. Swivl takes care of all the synchronization of video, slides and audio for you so that all you have to worry about is delivering your lecture or presentation. Then, when you’re finished, quickly upload the video to Swivl Cloud where your audience will be able to watch as though they were sitting in on the lesson, meeting or presentation again.

Get started with 200-minutes of free cloud storage!

Click here to sign up for Swivl Cloud and receive 200-minutes of storage for your videos. Once you have the Swivl Capture app on your mobile device, you’ll be ready to start capturing your first multi-media video. To receive all of our tutorial videos directly in your Swivl Cloud feed, join the “About Swivl” group. Simply log-in → ‘My Feed’ → ‘Join Group’ and enter the code Xo3trh. You’ll automatically receive the latest videos from us offering new tips, best practices and feature announcements.