Swivl | July 9, 2014

Swivl improves audio quality and enhances functionality of Capture and DSLR Timelapse apps

It’s been just a week since the Swivl team returned from ISTE 2014 and we’re still thinking about how successful a show it was for us. Thousands gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for the latest in education technology, and we were definitely a hit. In all of that excitement, we never got around to sharing with you the latest updates you might already have noticed. Here they are.

Swivl sees improved audio quality and functionality

One of the most frequently asked questions in our booth during ISTE was: How good is the audio? It’s always been very good, but now with our latest updates it’s even better. Our team has made major improvements in audio quality for the marker and fixed an issue where audio was sounding too loud during playback. Also, based on customer feedback, we decided to add controls in the Swivl Capture app that make it possible to adjust microphone gain in the marker.  This is useful when you are switching between using the microphone close (on a lanyard) and using it as an area mic for a group video capture. For anyone who regularly uses the automatic tilt feature, you will no doubt recall that enabling it in the settings menu is something you must do each time you open the Swivl Capture app. Well, that is no longer the case. Automatic tilt is now a setting the app now remembers, which means each time you start capturing a new lecture or presentation you won’t have to toggle it once again.

Swivl DSLR Timelapse app supports more cameras and sees enhanced capture ability

As more DSLR owners begin using the Swivl DSLR Timelapse app it is only natural that the number of cameras supported grows. And so it has. The app now offers support for Nikon as well as older Canon cameras. We also added tilt controls for timelapse – now you can do full pan/tilt timelapse sessions from a single control interface.

Swivl Capture app now available for download in Google Play

If you’re an Android user who has been using our previously released version of the Swivl Capture app—and haven’t already discovered the update yourself—you will be happy to learn that a newer version is now available for download in Google Play. This version comes with support for a wider range of Android devices and a number of stability fixes. Click here to download the app and see for yourself. We will continue rolling out updates to ensure we offer our users a great experience when using Swivl. If you ever have any feature or updates you would like to see, don’t hesitate to share your suggestions with us by sending an email to support@swivl.com.