Summer Learning Series | August 11, 2015

Wrapping up a Successful Summer Learning Series!

Swivl’s first Summer Learning Series started off with a bang, and in June, educators from around the globe shared what they were hoping to learn this summer. Each week we were fortunate enough to learn from an amazing group of educational leaders, including Todd Nesloney, Holly Clark, Steven Anderson and Matt Miller. By the time ISTE rolled around at the beginning of July, we were all quite busy … and so were you! We had a blast meeting many of you at ISTE, letting you try out Swivl, and hearing all of the things Jordan Garrett learned this year.

In July, the weekly challenges became more challenging and we asked you to try out the Swivl Capture App and Swivl Cloud. We hoped to find out more about how you would use video in your school, and the responses were great. You shared ideas that ranged from student uses, including the creation weather broadcasts with a green screen to the more traditional lesson capture for mentoring and coaching. Katrina Keene and Kasey Bell even shared ideas for increasing student engagement and student ownership of learning. We wrapped up July with a webinar focused on flipped learning and Amanda Fox provided some outstanding techniques for flipping instruction.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.38.18 AM After nine weeks, there were five people who completed all nine challenges. We thought they all deserved the prize, so we decided to award a Swivl to all five of these hard workers! Congratulations to:
  1. Stephanie Laird from Pleasant Hill, Iowa
  2. Angelyn Cheatham from Garland, Texas
  3. Heidi Keith from Birmingham, Michigan
  4. Lori Sitzes from Celina, Texas
  5. Chantell Manahan from Angola, Indiana.
Swivl’s Summer Learning Series will return in 2016, and we hope you’ll be back to join in the learning.