Product News, Swivl | October 5, 2015

Saving and Sharing Videos with Swivl Capture

What called for the feature update?

When transferring large video files to photo libraries, iOS presented our users with a couple different problems. As our support team encountered more and more requests for help with this particular functionality, we realized we needed to find a better way to export videos. And we have.

How do I export my videos to my computer now?

We have two great options for users to move and share content. Both methods are free and provide what we believe to be a much better experience.
  1. Save to iTunes Connect your iPad to your computer via your lightning or 30-pin cable, open iTunes, navigate to your app library and select ‘Save’. Your video(s) will then be downloaded to your computer quickly and painlessly.
  2. Upload to Swivl Cloud Edit, share, download to a computer or export to YouTube all from within Swivl Cloud, all completely free of charge.

How has saving and sharing videos improved?

Within Swivl Cloud we have built free tools specifically for you to create, edit and share videos. Now when it comes to sharing your videos—whether that means downloading to your computer, exporting directly to YouTube or sharing on Swivl Cloud (we have a whole host of editing, production, sharing, management and analytics features for you)—we have made it quicker, easier and simply better. Use Swivl Cloud to share a 30-minute video and you’ll save as much as 15 minutes. The longer the video, the more time you’ll be saving compared with the previous process. We hope you notice the improvement. To learn more about the new process, read the “Downloading Projects to a Computer” on our new support site. And be sure to sign up for a free Swivl Cloud account if you aren’t already a user.