General, Guest | April 11, 2016

Teaching Tech: Web Resources and Apps

The last few years have seen a dramatic change in technological education for children. Gone are the days where ICT lessons were exclusively about learning how to master Microsoft Office… nowadays, with advancing capabilities and increasing reliance on technology, the curriculum apportions a large chunk of time to coding, computer languages, programmes and software, assembling computers and making technology work for individuals. However, for teachers delivering this ‘tech revolution’, lessons can seem like a foreign language. While educators are undoubtedly ‘bought up to speed’ themselves, it can also be helpful to have a bank of helpful teacher supplies to draw on when delivering tech lessons. Therefore, for those looking for extra resources, we recommend turning to technology itself… here are some of the best web resources and apps available for teaching tech right now:

Apps for teaching coding

Tynker: Tynker is an app that teaches kids how to programme in a fun way. Young learners plan fun puzzles to learn the basics, and then create their own amazing games using the step by step coding tutorials. The app is suitable for children aged four years old and above and has received ratings and great feedback. ScratchJr: This app recognises that computer programming is hard to learn, and that younger children won’t enjoy writing code when they’re just beginning to learn how to read and write their native language! Therefore, ScratchJr uses icons and drag and drop motions to introduce kids to the concept of programming without making it too complex.

Best tools for social learning

Edublogs: This tech tool allows teachers to set up blogs for their class to use (great for homework, school holidays and extra curricular learning), and is safe and secure too. There are almost 3.5 million education blogs on Edublog, making it the largest education blogging platform in existence right now.

Best web resources for teachers

Teacher Vision: Teacher Vision is a website that helps teachers in the classroom all the way from the early years foundation stage to secondary school. Check out their ‘Technology in the Classroom’ for teachers, providing you with helpful links to things like e-Books, videos, online games, internet safety tips and other great links from around the web.

Best web game for online security

Safe online surfing: This online game has been developed by the FBI in order to teach children about online safety in a fun, memorable and engaging way. The game requires children to travel to an island where they’ll learn how to stay safe online by completing activities that educate them about cyberbullying, reporting, grooming, chatrooms, social networking and more. About Naomi: Naomi Webb is an enthusiastic and experienced writer specialising in educational and family related content. She is currently training to become a primary school teacher, but in the meantime she is writing insightful and varied content for both parents & teachers!