General, Uncategorized | July 5, 2016

Thanks for Sharing Your Time at ISTE with Us!

July is upon us! This means that summer is now in full swing for most educators, and it also means that most of us are back from ISTE 2016 in Denver. We had a great time at the Swivl and Recap booth. We loved talking to current and future Swivl and Recap users, and thanks to all of you who brought friends or who had never seen or used our products but decided to stop by and check us out!

Many of you got to check out the Expand Case and play with the new Swivl C Series Robot. We appreciate all your feedback and feel very heartened by the positive reception to all the new products. A couple of us were lucky enough to get a chance to sneak away and attend some poster sessions and check out the EdTech playgrounds. By far my favorite part of the conference was getting to hear how some of you are currently using Swivl in your classrooms and across your institutions to create global connections, strengthen instruction, and reflect on your own practices.

Now that everyone is home, unpacking tote bags full of pens, stickers and magnets, looking over scribbled notes from sessions and keynotes, the challenge is this: how to synthesize all of the great tips, frameworks, and methodologies and plan to put them into practice by the end of the summer. Well, if you stopped by the booth and Swivl or Recap piqued your interest, check out our blogs regularly for some practical applications of our tools. And if you know you’ll be using Swivl in the fall, but you need to familiarize yourself with the Robot or software, check out our Swivl Bootcamp webinar series.