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The Best Social Media Accounts To Follow For Teachers

Social media is a great way to stay connected with other educational professionals and learn about the latest developments and industry news. A great place to start is by looking at the #EdChat which will help you find a whole range of relevant accounts from teachers through to recruiters such as EduStaff. Beyond that, here are some of the best social media accounts you should watch out for:


Michael Tidd is a primary deputy head and an assessment advisor for Rising Stars with a very useful Twitter account. Using assessment data, he helps teachers understand the new primary testing system and also runs his own website, Primary Curriculum, which offers up-to-date curriculum content.  


This is the Twitter account of Andy Buck, the former head teacher and director at National College. As a key figure in the education community, whose latest venture is a new school development business called Leadership Matters, Andy keeps his feed full of retweets from the most influential school leaders and education keynote speakers as well as his own original comments and thought-provoking ideas.  


The Times Educational Supplement is the biggest network of teachers in the world, and facilitates teachers in resource sharing, tips and discussions about the latest industry news. Its hashtag #tes is a fantastic way to keep up with all the latest developments in education. There are also some other great accounts you will discover by following TES like @nancygedge who won TES Teacher Blogger of the Year for writing both about her life as a teacher and as a mother of a son with Down’s Syndrome.


This is the Twitter account of an education blog aggregator site that automatically finds and shares interesting information about education in the UK. Sharing hundreds of education bloggers’ articles every day, this is a great place to find new accounts to follow and browse through interesting articles on your way to work. If Echo Chamber Uncut is too general for you and you are not finding the articles you want to read there are some more subject specific versions like @MathsEcho and @eng_echochamber.


An obvious one perhaps, but anyone interested in education who wants to keep their finger on the pulse must follow the Government to keep up to speed. A direct feed to the Department for Education, this is the great way to keep track of industry changes and announcements as soon as they happen.


Sean Harford is Ofsted’s National Director and leads the development of policy for early years, schools and further education. His Twitter account provides valuable and insightful comments that spark some lively debate and information about the industry.


Tim Rylands is an education blogger with a big passion for ICT. He has more than 25 years of primary teaching experience and is best known for his innovative use of computer games to inspire children. Following his Twitter account will help you learn more about how technology is being used in education as he shares his own articles and ideas, other relevant articles and promotes the latest events in this field.

Naomi Webb is an enthusiastic and experienced writer specialising in educational and family related content. She is currently training to become a primary school teacher, but in the meantime she is writing insightful and varied content for both parents & teachers!

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