General | October 7, 2016

Fall Newsletter

User Story: Transforming Small-Group Learning with Swivl’s Expand Lens

Biology and Physics teacher from California, Josh Chan, recently tried out the new Swivl Expand Lens for iPads with his students. While many people are familiar with wide angle lens use in photography, the Swivl Expand Lens was specifically designed for the front-facing camera of an iPad to double the camera view for video capture.

Discover Mr. Chan's results by visiting our blog now.

Recap Surges Past 250,000 Users!

In just a few months, Recap, our free video response and reflection app, has passed a quarter million users. We’re pinching ourselves! And with this milestone we have released a new, highly-requested feature: Two-Way Commenting. Now, students will be able to respond to teacher comments, which supports the development of deeper dialogue throughout instruction.

Calling All Beta Testers!

We’ve been working on a groundbreaking addition to Swivl Cloud that will help us make a giant leap forward for observational coaching. And there's more. We think it has the potential to reshape how classrooms use technology and change how we assess students.

Interested in getting a preview? Before we fully debut this new feature, we’re looking for a diverse group of beta testers to help us refine the solution. If your interest has been piqued, then we want you!

A Quick Take on Swivl, by Andrew Broere

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for months. Our demo Swivl unit arrived yesterday afternoon, and we began playing with it after school. I’ve got a student teacher in Kindergarten who will need to be videotaped (dreaded edTPA) ... a 4th grade teacher who wants to know what little idiosyncrasies he does while teaching … and a rock-star teachers that I want to video and share with the rest of the staff.”

For Andrew, Swivl was the answer. Find out why on his blog.

Meet the Recap Pioneers

We recently announced the new Recap Pioneers, and we've created a page honoring the enthusiastic and inspiring educators who are helping us develop and promote Recap. Visit our Recap page and, if you’re interested in becoming a Recap Pioneer, we invite you to apply.

Join the Swivl Pioneers

Now it's time to select our Swivl Pioneers. Each year, we look for educators who have a passion for using video in the classroom and aren’t afraid to be a champion for change. If that sounds like you, then jump to the front of the line to learn more and apply today.