User Stories | May 16, 2017

Classroom Observation 2.0

Post originally appeared on Tech Geek in the Classroom

Individualized observation is a hot topic these days, and because I love tech so much I found a tech tool to get it done. Swivl is an amazing tool in my classroom! I already have all the tech I need to use it, and can position it anywhere in my classroom. It is truly a unique system to help educators grow.

Before I tell you how I use it, here’s what you need: A Swivl Pro+ account and any iOS or Android device. You can use up to 5 devices at once.

The first way I used Swivl Pro+ was to help a new educator grow. One of the staff members at my school came and asked me how we could record her student teacher practicing with the students, so immediately I thought of Swivl. We set up the devices and recording about 4 different class periods. Not only can the student teacher use the video to evaluate herself, but we also sent the video to her professor to evaluate her teaching.

The second way I used Swivl Pro+ was to record my training session with teachers. I set the devices up before the training session and then recorded the training. It helped me to see how the material I was delivering was being received by my audience. By using Swivl, I can become a better trainer.

If you haven’t tried Swivl already, please give it a go. You will be amazed at the endless possibilities on how you can utilize this tool.

Stacey Hohertz is a technology and media teacher for at Kirby Middle School in Wichita Falls. She loves to play video games and strongly believes in gamifying education to maximize learning. She is passionate about using the things that kids love and use most to help them learn. Check out her website and Swivl Pioneer page, and follow her on Twitter

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