User Stories | November 10, 2017

7 New Ways to #GoSwivl

We’ve been hearing from teachers about all the new and ingenious ways they’ve been using Swivl to optimize their classrooms, so we’d like to share with you some our new favorites. These are all great ways to regularly use video to better engage with and help your students. Have you started recording and sharing video regularly yet? We’d love to hear how you #GoSwivl on twitter!


1. Increase student responsibility

Absences can be a thing of the past with Swivl. Whether a student has to miss a class for sports, extracurricular activities, or an illness, Swivl makes it easy for students to watch the lesson from home or the bus (live or recorded). Instead of bringing in a substitute when a teacher has to miss a class, with Swivl students can watch a recorded lesson that is prepared ahead of time. Students can even take a recorded class that isn’t being offered live that term.


2. Showcase exceptional learning moments

Record peer-to-peer learning sessions and show highlights of the best moments to the entire class. Don’t just tell students what best practices are, show them by example.


3. Create best practice libraries

Personalize professional development for teachers, both new and experienced, by showing them best practices tailored to your school. Create, share, and provide meaningful feedback to encourage continuous teacher improvement.


4. Assess and personalize learning

Record and reflect upon students learning over the course of a term or year in order to help them best improve. Whether it be in literacy, math, sports, or even social skills, Swivl can help you to better understand and guide every student.


5. Innovate your professional development sessions

Whether you have a staff meeting, presentation, or PD sessions, Swivl can help you increase engagement and fun! Record your session, share best practices, and help create supportive atmosphere amongst teachers and administrators.


6. Remote learning

When a student has to miss school for an extended period of time, or can’t be present in the classroom at all, Swivl is your solution. Not only can they watch a recorded lesson, but Swivl Live makes it easy for a student to be seen and heard in the classroom live, as the lesson is occurring.


7. Student Projects

Let students safely create and share projects or presentations with their teachers or peers through the Swivl app. Increase both student engagement and fun, no robot needed!