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Automated A/V Capture

Swivl rotates automatically, recording video while following the speaker. Easy to setup and get started on your own.

Live and Recorded

Stream live or record video while Swivl follows. Supports multiple audio/video feeds for capturing multiple speakers.


Swivl is a highly portable and cost effective tool for capturing, producing, and sharing content across teams.

Business Uses

Focus Groups
Get the video and audio data you need to make better decisions.
Create a content library of important presentations to share with new hires.
Stand Ups
Never miss another stand up. Make every voice heard.
Planning Sessions
Bring real accountability to your agile sprints or milestone planning sessions.
Make boring conferences unforgettable. Bring customer insights to your team.
Skill Training
Easily capture high quality audio using multiple wireless microphones.

Zoom Live

Have the freedom to move around while Swivl continues following you. Capture great video and audio using Swivl wireless microphones staying in frame and capturing high quality audio.

Coming Soon! client for video calls with Swivl

Slack Integration for automated sharing to slack channels

More advanced slide integration tools

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