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General | January 20, 2021

Our New Vision and Mission

save humanity

After a chaotic 2020, we are entering 2021 with a new company vision and mission. We hope this new direction will guide our focus not just for the next year or two, but for the next decade. Our vision is for humanity to flourish at the dawn of AI and beyond. Our mission is to scale coaching in education, using technology....

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General | December 15, 2020

Why Hybrid is Likely in Your School’s Path to Safety

pandemic school safety

At the time of writing this, the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine for people 16 and over, and doses for the highest priority groups have been dispatched to states. This comes at a time when cities are shutting back down, holiday plans are being canceled, and everyone is clamoring for some kind of reassurance that there is an...

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General, Teams | September 8, 2020

Swivl is Worth the Wait

Multiple Devices for Swivl

As of the time of this writing in September 2020, we are still experiencing a backlog in shipping and are striving to produce thousands of robots expediently, absorbing extra logistical costs of production in order to get them out to our users as swiftly as possible. If you are waiting for your shipment to arrive or have been...

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General, Teams | August 7, 2020

Swivl Will Be There for You, Regardless of the Challenge

Uncharted Waters Over the last few months, Swivl has watched the unfolding of a massive upheaval in the education system. Teachers and school leaders were thrown into the midst of an unpredictable situation, and with that came confusion and frustration. This is not to mention the impact the disruption was having on students. ...

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General | May 1, 2020

The Future of Teacher Prep in Covid-19

Covid-19’s impact on K12 schools is well known but now we direct our attention to this year’s student teachers, both those still entrenched in their programs and those now ready to enter the classroom in Fall (read our K12 companion blog here). Challenges are ahead for preparing this valuable workforce as well as for the ...

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General, Synth | April 9, 2020

We Need Professional Development Now More Than Ever

Professional development for teachers needs to be at the forefront of administration’s minds once the dust settles from Covid-19. Developing and coaching teachers on ways to create material in remote learning needed to start yesterday. Traditional methodologies of teaching in a typical classroom are not going to be needed, ...

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General, Synth | March 31, 2020

Building Community Within Remote Learning

Last week my children completed their first full week of remote learning. My son received this message from one of his teachers, Robert Lawrence of Hillview Middle School, “I know I run a tight ship and have very high expectations of my students, but you have exceeded the high bar that I set for us. My pride is insurmountab...

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General | October 31, 2017

The Privacy and Security of our Kids

I am a dad of two kids in middle school.  Every day they are exposed to new technological experiences, and every day I ask myself -- Am I doing everything I can to protect them?  I worry about their personal data use in school, what they have access to, and external influences.  I try to remind myself that when I was their...

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General | October 18, 2017

Five Steps to Expediting Teacher Experience

“Teaching experience is positively associated with student achievement gains throughout a teacher’s career.” These findings from a recent Learning Policy Institute study make it apparent just how important it is to have experienced teachers in our schools. But in the face of a teacher retention crisis, the pool of exper...

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General | September 20, 2017

Keep Calm and #GoSwivl!

Hey everyone, Tess here! About a month ago I joined Swivl, and one of my favorite things thus far has been getting to interact with all the amazing teachers, coaches, schools and universities that are using our products. As I’ve been learning about the product myself, I’ve loved having the chance to hear about all the uni...

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