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Teams | January 21, 2021

Developing Teacher Agency Through Edited Video

Teachers should be empowered to face the challenges they experience in their own classrooms. As a fourth grade teacher, I met with my instructional coach just once per quarter. It was frequent enough for administration to check the box indicating that I got coaching, but remained mostly an empty exercise. It was not uncommon fo...

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Product News, Skilled.space, Teams | December 9, 2020

Coaching is Essential, and Virtual Systems Make it Easy

As many classrooms have been forced to move back online, teacher coaching has become more essential than ever. Waiting around for the classroom to open up again to restart a coaching program isn’t an option anymore. It’s time to elevate the priority of coaching as an essential practice that delivers help to teachers who n...

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Product News, Teams | November 4, 2020

We’re Updating App and Web Features this Fall

Screen and Webcam Recording Swivl

The complexity of hybrid learning has brought with it unique challenges. In particular, we are doing our very best to adapt our products to reflect the flexibility needed to teach both synchronously and asynchronously. Here is a full outline of the exciting updates you can expect to see in the Swivl app and Swivl Teams platfo...

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General, Teams | September 8, 2020

Swivl is Worth the Wait

Multiple Devices for Swivl

As of the time of this writing in September 2020, we are still experiencing a backlog in shipping and are striving to produce thousands of robots expediently, absorbing extra logistical costs of production in order to get them out to our users as swiftly as possible. If you are waiting for your shipment to arrive or have been...

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Product News, Teams | August 14, 2020

Do More than Just Live Stream with Swivl

Distance Learning with Swivl Screencasting

We strive to pave the future of hybrid learning, one Swivl feature at a time. We understand the necessity of having lots of options within one unified system which is why we have worked tirelessly over Summer 2020 to bring more live streaming options to Swivl than ever before. When our users told us they needed to be able to ...

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General, Teams | August 7, 2020

Swivl Will Be There for You, Regardless of the Challenge

Uncharted Waters Over the last few months, Swivl has watched the unfolding of a massive upheaval in the education system. Teachers and school leaders were thrown into the midst of an unpredictable situation, and with that came confusion and frustration. This is not to mention the impact the disruption was having on students. ...

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