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Multi-Cam, Swivl, User Stories | April 20, 2017

Enhancing Book Clubs With Swivl’s Multi-Camera Feature by Ashley Nicol

My goals for using Swivl’s Pro+ Multi-Camera feature one morning were very straightforward: to capture simultaneous observations of all my reading groups for review later and to reflect on my personal tone and professionalism while speaking with my students. However, the recording process, reflection, and collaboration afterwa...

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Swivl, Uncategorized, User Stories | April 19, 2017

Swivl Creates a Safe Professional Learning Community

Keysha McIntyre is a Swivl Pioneer and district level school improvement coach in Atlanta, Georgia. She began implementing the use of video during classroom observations to help facilitate conversations with coaches and their teachers. Her experience has shown her that video creates a more reliable lens on what actually happens ...

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Multi-Cam, Uncategorized, User Stories | April 19, 2017

“Swivl-ing” into Professional Learning by Keith George

A review of the wonderful posts on the Swivl blog will highlight the many benefits of using the Swivl system to implement individualized observations with students. Being able to review any lesson via video is great, but the additional features that the Swivl+ system provides cannot be overlooked. As teachers, we often pride our...

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Multi-Cam, Pioneers, User Stories | April 19, 2017

Swivl+STEM by Amy Kuntz

I first learned about Swivl 3 years ago at a state technology conference. I am astounded by the advances that they have made in that short time, including the C3 and C5 multi channel audio. Their latest addition of multi-camera capabilities with Swivl+ has me very excited. In our first official foray into the Swivl+ world, ...

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Uncategorized, User Stories | April 10, 2017

Diving Deeper with Individualized Observations by Jen Crandall

As teachers, we always are striving to learn more and to help our students perform better in the classroom. In 2016 I learned about Swivl and I am amazed at what a powerful tool it is in the classroom for the teacher and for the student. FOR THE TEACHER I began using Swivl to record my lessons and to upload the video to ...

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User Stories | March 29, 2017

Optimizing Formative Assessment Using Individualized Observations

Jeremy Shaw is a Swivl Pioneer and Instructional Technology Coach in Snow Hill, North Carolina, who has been active in integrating technology into classrooms to lift student achievement and increase engagement in his district. In his blog, he shares his experience of using Swivl Pro+ to facilitate the individualized observation ...

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User Stories | March 15, 2017

The Impact of Individualizing Observations in the ESL Kindergarten Classroom

Swivl Pioneer Yvonne Post shares her experience working with kindergarten teachers in San Antonio, Texas. Yvonne is an instructional coach who uses Swivl for her own reflective practices to advance her professional growth. She was one of the Pro+ Beta Users during the initial trial of Pro+ and the Swivl+ app. Yvonne used Pro+ as...

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Pioneers, User Stories | February 24, 2017

Using a Swivl for Instructional Coaching by Patrick Donovan

Earlier this year we purchased Swivls for each building in our district to be used by our teachers in their work in the classroom, as well as their work with our instructional coaches. The Swivls are great when we want to record classroom situations to be shared with others, but they can also play a role in our coaching processe...

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Multi-Cam, Pioneers, Uncategorized, User Stories | February 23, 2017

Pro+ to Capture Classroom Discourse by Dr. Childs

Improving student achievement is a focal point of the educational system. Education stakeholders are constantly seeking ways to positively impact student achievement. Swivl Pro+ has the potential to do this in a myriad of ways. As a researcher Swivl Pro+ can be most impactful in the study of classroom instructional practices. ...

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Guest, Pioneers, User Stories | December 20, 2016

Using a Swivl to Help Students Learn How to Present Better by Patrick Donovan

Students are expected to present in so many of their classes, but how often do we actually spend time on helping students become better presenters? So many of the student presentations I see involve a ton of words on a slide and the student reading them off, word by word. The students do not look at their audience or spend a lot...

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