Classroom Setup

Get a visual of the typical ways that
Swivl is setup and used in the classroom


Record independent audio channels to easily record teacher AND student interactions. Hear every voice in the classroom.

  • Research Data Collection
  • Video Coaching
  • Self Reflection
Swivl Live Streaming

Swivl Live

With Swivl you can share real-time video with a colleague, a coach, or with the world! Make a video call from your classroom while Swivl continues to follow you, or broadcast your class to a big audience. It’s easy, just connect to Swivl and use the Zoom app to setup the video call.

  • Video Coaching
  • In-ear coaching
In-Ear Coaching

The teacher can receive in-ear feedback from the remote coach using the Primary Marker and connected earbuds.

Distance Learning

Homebound students have a voice in the classroom while seeing and hearing the teacher and students.

Zoom Video

Connect with anyone over video while Swivl follow continues to follow you and stream high quality audio.

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Record multiple videos to capture small group interactions. See and hear everyone for a holistic understanding of the classroom.

  • Research data collection
  • Video Coaching
  • Self reflection

Flexible Audio Network

Broadcast your voice everywhere and listen to your students from across the room anytime with a C-Series Robot.

  • Research data collection
  • Video Coaching
  • Self reflection

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