Jennifer Crandall

Jennifer Crandall is a sixth grade special education teacher at Kickemuit Middle School in Warren, RI. She has been working for the Bristol-Warren Regional School District for the last eighteen years. Her full-time role is to teach in the inclusion classroom for language arts and math and she also teaches two intensive intervention reading classes. In addition to her classroom teaching, Jennifer also is a Digital Learning Teacher (DLT) for the school district. Her school recently moved to one-to-one Chromebooks and the district has made a commitment to be a Future Ready School. Her role as a DLT is to actively conduct research, provide training, and support to school staff on implementing the district’s digital learning plan. Jennifer enjoys using technology in the classroom for her students to assist, engage, motivate, and challenge students. She also uses technology to improve as a teacher. Jennifer’s first introduction to using the Swivl was to record her lessons as part of education research for Validation Observation Instrument for Special Education Teachers (VOISE) with Boston University. Since then she has also used the Swivl for education research in the inclusion classroom with the University of Connecticut for Content Area Literacy Instruction (CALI).

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