Juan Espinosa

Juan is a Fifth Grade Math and Science teacher. He is also an Adjunct Math Professor for Dallas County Community College. He earned a Master of Education with a Principal Certification at Dallas Baptist University.

Juan Espinosa took interest in helping others succeed from a young age, he began mentoring kids in his community. Juan feels an obligation to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help spark student interest in future careers and believes that connecting with students to establish a trusting relationship is an important part of being an educator. Juan constantly seeks professional development at the local, state, and national level. Juan ultimately believes that teaching requires staying up to date on technology, education policy, constantly looking for ways to improve instructional strategies, and developing great leadership skills. He looks forward to working closely with Swivl through the Swivl Pioneer Program and find ways to enhance reflective observational experience.

Awards | Honors

2015-2016 Elementary Teacher of the Year
2016-2017 Dual Language Campus Leader
2016 Mickelson Exxon-Mobil Academy Educator
Perot Museum | Kosmos Energy Institute Educator
Discovery Education Network Star Ambassador, 2015-16
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser Champion | Education Series