Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson is a Lecturer at California State University, Fresno teaching emergency medical technician, first responder and emergency management courses. Sean is passionate about teaching and has been for over 20 years, using his knowledge and experience as a first responder to inspire and educate the next generation of first responders and medical professionals. Sean has been active with the university’s efforts to transform traditional teaching including being a part of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL), eDiscovery and eScholar cohorts. Sean has been using technology to transform traditional 3 unit lecture/lab courses into flipped classrooms where the student takes charge of his/her learning.After seeing the results of the flipped classroom, Sean will never return to traditional methods of teaching.

Sean has been utilizing Swivl’s platform to capture lectures and slideshow material using UDL principles to create flipped classrooms as well as individual student based video assessments. This has transformed the way Sean teaches his courses and he has seen tremendous improvements in student achievement both in classroom testing and third party test centers. Sean sees tremendous value of the Swivl Pro+ platform in case study and scenario/simulation based activities to capture key points that might have otherwise been missed at student level discussions. Sean sees the future of his courses blending individual video assessments, with online learning to drive student achievement at the highest levels.