Expand Lenses

Wide-angle lenses make observations better by removing the trade off between inclusivity of capture, and specificity of what you see and hear.

Get Up Close and Detailed

Get great audio by moving your device up close without losing the students you want to observe from the field of view. You can even capture whats on desktops!

Expand Lens Series

Custom designed for educators with professional quality glass that gives you crystal clear, 140 degree field-of-view without any distortion.
Expand Lens for iPad
Lens with multi-purpose integrated stand, iPad case and secure robot mounting.
Expand Lens Mini
Small enough to fit in your pocket, easy to use and fits on nearly any device or computer.

Expand Lens for iPad

Wide-angle-lens with integrated stand, iPad case and secure robot mounting interface.

Expand Lens for iPad Features

Compatible with iPad Air / Air2.

What Customers Say

“My students get nervous and aware when I have to move the iPad to face them. That puts immediate focus and pressure on the individual student. With the wide-angle lens I don’t need to move the iPad and the kids forget that it’s there!”
Hope Porter, Teacher
“What a neat idea! The lens that converts into a multi-function stand is great for teleconferencing, watching videos and taking notes.”
Roger Bower, Instructional Coach
“My students love using the Expand Lens to capture group videos for special projects. The wide angle lens makes a huge difference.”
Sarah Rubin, Math and Science Teacher

Pro+ Companion

Our wide angle lenses where developed specifically for use with our new Multi-Camera technology Pro+.