Swivl Pro+

A breakthrough new Multi-Camera software technology that lets you see and hear each individual student in class with ease.
Pro+ is enabled by patent pending Multi-Camera technology that lets you connect up to 5 mobile devices together to record simultaneously. Recording can be of any length and even include delivery of slide decks!

How It Works

Just hover over the highlighted sections to learn how Pro+ works.
Pro+ works on its own or with C1 Robot. See how they work together >

Pro+ Player

Pro+ brings content captured on all the devices into one interactive player. Select which source to maximize, which ones to listen to and what to comment on!

Expand Lens

Pro+ is made to be used with our wide angle Expand lenses. This lets you get the camera close for good audio capture while still seeing an entire group of students.

Device Compatibility

Pro+ is supported on any iOS or Android device. You automatically get a free 30 day trial upon sign up to cloud. Just download the apps (Swivl and Swivl+ are both required) and get started today!
For step by step guides, go to our Support Center >

Lift Achievement

Pro+ is an integral part of the Swivl cloud platform. It has a range of tools for small and large teams of teachers to collaborate using individualized observations and lift achievement.

Get A Pro+ Demo

Have one of our customer success team members give you a guided tour of how to do Individualized Observations using our new Pro+ offering.