Swivl Trade-in

Return any Swivl for recycling to get a discount on the new C Series robot. Purchase a C3 at C1 pricing or buy a C5 at C3 pricing.
Due to overwhelming demand for Swivls for hybrid classrooms, Trade-in Program is temporarily suspended
Functionality Gen 2 Swivl C-Series Swivl Advantages of Use
Audio Streams 1 audio stream 1,3,or 5 audio streams Capture student interactions for better insights
Speech Analysis None Supported Ability to measure teacher vs. student talk time
Swivl Live Not supported Supported Ability to use 3rd party live streaming apps
Classroom Audio None Up to 4 remote speakers Broadcast teacher's voice anywhere in the classroom
Observation Audio None Up to 4 remote microphones Listen to students in real time across the classroom
Multi-marker tracking None Up to 4 marker handoff Redirect video focus to a different point in the classroom
Wireless Technology 2.4Ghz based
(possible WiFi interference)
1.9Ghz based
(no interference or dropouts)
Improved technology for better range, quality, and flexibility
Mobile Connectivity Bluetooth and analog audio All-digital single cable No pairing required - just plug and go

This program is offered in US and limited number of international countries.  Please check with your reseller.