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Swivl Basics for Beginners

For anyone who is new to Swivl or needs a refresher on the basics, this webinar will take you through the entire Swivl ecosystem (including the Swivl app and robot) and get you on track for success with capturing video.

Beginner Basics Presentation

Use this handy PDF guide with your team members to learn the basic components of Swivl: robot, app, and intro to cloud.

Swivl to Save Time

Watch this short video to learn about how to activate our time-saving features: Bookmarking, Comment Playback, and Smart Playback - available to Pro users on Swivl cloud. Start your free trial to Swivl Pro Plus to enjoy these time-saving features for 30 days.

Swivl for Advanced Users

For anyone who has already been using Swivl or who attended the Beginner Basics training, this webinar will take you through some advanced features of the Swivl ecosystem (including the Swivl app and robot) and turn you into a Swivl pro!

Swivl for Team Admins

For Swivl Team Admins who need a refresher on their privileges and capabilities available to customize your Team Account!

Team Admin Orientation Guide

A PDF version of our video above, for you to reference any of your capabilities as a Team Admin
  Swivl app Swivl cloud Swivl robot
Swivl Basics for Beginners
  • Downloading the app
  • Capturing video
  • Uploading to Swivl cloud
  • App settings
  • Navigating the library
  • Viewing/editing videos
  • Exporting videos
  • Sharing
  • Kit components
  • Setting up and pairing
  • Marker tracking
  • Audio capture
  • Tips and tricks
Swivl for Advanced Users
  • Adding media
  • Editing videos
  • App settings
  • Adding/viewing slides
  • Sharing
  • Groups
  • Commenting
  • Analytics
  • 2-Marker pairing and capture
  • Tilting and tracking
  • Best practices

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