Frequently Asked Question's

Why is my base not charging or showing very low charge?

We are sorry you are having trouble charging the Swivl base. Try the following suggestions:

  • Please make sure the ac power adapter is the one you got with the Swivl
  • Please make sure power cable is being inserted into the correct input (bottom black base input)
    After few hours of charging, if you are still are unable to charge the base, it could be if you recently did a firmware update and for some reason the system didn’t get updated or update was incomplete.

    In that case please try the following:

  • Do a full reset of the Swivl by holding he power button down for 8-10 seconds, until you see light on the Swivl flash, then let go of the power button as the Swivl is reset.
    If the base is still not charging try the following steps on your Computer, for a hardwire firmware update, using USB cable that came with Swivl:

  • Goto > Support > How to > Update Swivl Firmware
    Once on the Firmware Update page, please select the red link for Mac or Windows, for steps of instructions on how to do the firmware update.

  • Where is my marker?

    It is in the built in charging dock, behind the grip. Just lift the door up and you’ll see it!

    Why is there an error message saying ” marker not used for audio recording”

    Most common issue for your error message is because the audio cable is not connected properly or fully. Make sure the audio cables are fully inserted into the Swivl base and your recording device. And the marker is synced to the base.

    Make sure your mobile device’s case is not blocking the audio cable from fully being inserted.

    Another way is, if you are recording the audio from device like iPhone 4 or 4s, sometimes these phones don’t update/recognize the audio cable connection title. To fix this, we usually recommend rebooting your mobile device for it to update the connection.

    Lastly, if the Swivl firmware isn’t updated, it can too, cause that error message.

    How do I export video and slides together?

    To export the video + slides together, first you will need to upload the combo to Swivl Cloud.
    Once you have uploaded the combo to Swivl Cloud, the next step is to save them in Swivl Cloud.
    Lastly, you need to “Produce” them together into one video.
    Produce is the complex back end process that combines the slides and video together as one video.
    Once Produced, then you can Export the video to YouTube or Download it to your computer/laptop.

    How do I recover a deleted video, slides, or project?

    We are usually able to recover deleted content on Swivl Cloud within 30 days of its deletion. If you need something recovered, please email or submit a support ticket and provide the following info:
    1. Your Swivl Cloud account info (email)
    2. Name of the file/project to recover
    3. Approximate date of its deletion
    4. Length of the video

    We will notify you when it is recovered.

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