System Overview


Swivl is a mobile accessory with a paired app (iOS and Android) and wirelessly connected cloud video service. The Capture App is free and is required for operation of the Swivl Robot. Swivl Cloud is recommended and has free, unlimited storage.


STEP 1. Setting up Swivl Robot

Just get your Swivl? Get started by downloading the extended Quick Start Guide to help you get started and check out this unboxing video:

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STEP 2. Capturing Video

Got your Swivl Robot Setup? Make sure you have created a Swivl Cloud account, then check out this video for how to create multi-media videos:

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STEP 3. Managing & Using Your Content

Upload to Swivl Cloud and start getting more value from your videos with private sharing tools, analytics, two way time stamped commenting and more. See our overview:

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Frequently Asked Questions (43)

Where is my marker?

It is in the built in charging dock, behind the grip. Just lift the door up and you’ll see it!


Why is my mobile device not syncing with the base?

Thank you for contacting Swivl.

We are sorry you are having trouble with the pairing. There could be a couple of reasons:

  • Already paired with another device in the room
  • Audio cable was connected to the base before the bluetooth connection
  • Too many previous Swivl’s listed in the Bluetooth section

To address the issue you can do the following:

Please un-pair any currently paired Swivls. To unpair, press and hold the left sync button on the base till it starts flashing red. This will give you a new Swivl name pop up in your Bluetooth section to select and pair.

Another suggestion if needed is to remove extra Swivl names from the Bluetooth section and select the one that comes ups when you hold the left sync button for 3 seconds.

Once  the Swivl name is selected, it will start and pair on its own.

Lastly if you are still having trouble, turn off the Bluetooth tab and then press and hold the Swivl left sync button for 3 seconds and then turn on the Swivl and it will pop up the Swivl name for you to select and pair.

If you are still having trouble please feel free to contact us :


Why is my base not tilting up and down?

It seems like your tilt option is off. To turn it on you can go to the Settings tab on your Swivl Capture app and turn the Auto Tilt “On”/Green. In order to do that you need to make sure the devices Bluetooth is “On” and connected to the Swivl unit.

Another way to work the tilt is with your marker. To do so, turn off your Auto tilt option and then, when marker is synced, hold the check mark button and then slowly move the marker up and down.