1. Unboxing FAQ (11)

Where is my marker?

It is in the built in charging dock, behind the grip. Just lift the door up and you’ll see it!

What is the hole in the marker for?

It is an input jack for a lavelier mic. This allows you to further enhance your audio capture experience with Swivl.

Why is my Swivl shaking back and forth when I get close?

If you hold the marker closer than 1 foot, it overloads our sensor system. Just move the marker away from the Swivl and it will stop.

What are the left and right buttons for?

They are for advancing presentation slides in the Swivl Capture app. More features will be enabled soon.

Why doesn’t my Swivl keep me at the center while tracking?

We design our tracking to result in better looking video, not better tracking. This means that it doesn’t follow every motion and allows you to move around some within the captured video. Less motion = better looking video.

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2. Product FAQ (9)

Why did my Swivl base (or marker) power down?

We have designed for the Swivl to power down after 5 minutes of non-use.  We have put in rules around the “non-use” to prevent unwanted power down.


Swivl Marker will power down after 5 minutes if it is not paired to the base.  The only exception is if you power up the marker in stand-alone mode (for more tracking coverage).

To power up in stand-alone mode, which will disable 5 minute power down, power up the marker by holding down both Power and Checkmark buttons until lights appear.

To find out how to pair the marker to the base, please see document and video under How-To section of the support page.

Marker will always power down after 5 minutes of flashing low battery lights.


Swivl base will power down if it does NOT see one of the following conditions (i.e. if any one condition below is true, base will stay powered up):

  • A paired marker
  • Charger plugged in
  • Bluetooth connection to a mobile device
  • USB cable attached to a DSLR
  • Base executing a timelapse script (this was not true for firmware prior to 5.20.69)

Base will always power down after 5 minutes of flashing low battery lights.

What is the range of the Swivl Robot’s operation?

Swivl will work anywhere from 2 ft to 30 ft away. It can pan continuously in 360 degrees and tilt 25 degrees.

How to use secondary marker?

There are three ways to use an additional marker:

1. As a backup marker, for use when the battery runs out on the primary marker
2. As a additional microphone
3. To improve tracking when Swivl is used in sports, dance, or horse riding


What to do for use #1, backup marker:
1. Make sure the primary marker is off.
2. Pair the secondary marker using these instructions: http://www.swivl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Pairing-Markers-V1.1.pdf
3. Keep one marker in the docking bay to charge while you’re using the other marker. To swap markers, turn on only the marker you want to use.


What to do for use #2, additional microphone:
1. Make sure the primary marker is off.
2. Pair the secondary marker using these instructions: http://www.swivl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Pairing-Markers-V1.1.pdf
3. The first marker you power on will be defined as Primary and Swivl will accept button commands from it and will also track that marker. The 2nd marker you power on will only be used as a microphone.


What to do for use #3, improved tracking:
Since Swivl will only track one marker, the second marker should not be paired with the Swivl. However, if a marker is not paired with any Swivl it will shut down after 5 minutes. Therefore, in order to maintain power to an unpaired marker, you need to power up the second marker by holding the Power and Checkmark buttons down. This powers up the marker in non-shutdown mode. To use it to provide additional tracking coverage, place it in a location where the primary marker does not have a line-of-sight.

What mobile devices is Swivl compatible with?

Full app support and compatibility with all recent iPads, iPhones and iPod’s as well Android Tablets and Smartphones. Also has basic support for Windows devices and video cameras.

Why doesn’t Swivl mount devices so you can use the rear facing camera?

The Swivl is far easier to use with the display facing you. You can see status, information and more. Also, most front facing cameras now capture in HD (720p). 720p looks great and can capture everything you need, including writing on whiteboards from a distance. 1080p is unnecessary for learning environments and only makes using video more difficult.

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3. Cloud FAQ (7)

How do I recover a deleted video, slides, or project?

We are usually able to recover deleted content on Swivl Cloud within 30 days of its deletion. If you need something recovered, please email support@swivl.com or submit a support ticket and provide the following info:
1. Your Swivl Cloud account info (email)
2. Name of the file/project to recover
3. Approximate date of its deletion

We will notify you when it is recovered.

What is the Swivl Cloud?

It’s a video hosting service for school, businesses and professionals that need to use video to share information. It’s ideal for any application where the content is sensitive, whether for privacy or confidentiality.

How to apply Swivl Cloud upgrade code?


You can enter the provided upgrade code in “My Profile” section of Swivl Cloud:

Step 1:

1. Swivl Cloud - My Profile

Step 2:

2. Swivl Cloud - Upgrade

Step 3:

3. Swivl Cloud - Code

Why do you charge for Swivl Cloud?

Swivl Cloud starts free. But then we do start charging. The reason why is that we don’t take rights to your content to re-use it, serve you ads or otherwise try to monetize your content. It’s yours forever. Since we don’t subsidize your storage in other ways, we charge a modest fee.

Is the Swivl Cloud service necessary for using the Swivl Robot?

No. Using the cloud is 100% optional. The Capture App allows you to save the file as standard MOV that can be used with any hosting service or computer.

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4. Capture App FAQ (4)

How do I share a video I just captured?

Once a video is in your Swivl Capture library, you must first upload it to Swivl Cloud to share it. Once you have uploaded it, you can review it, add descriptions then decide who to share it with.

How much space does a video file take on my iOS device?

iOS DeviceCameraResolution - Size ButtonSize: megabytes per minute of recording
Ipad 4/Air/Mini
iPhone 5/5S/5C
iPod Touch 5
Rear Facing1080P - Large~100MB
480P - Medium~28MB
320P - Small~15MB
Front Facing720P - Large~50MB
480P - Medium~28MB
320P - Small~15MB
iPad 3
iPhone 4S
Rear Facing1080P - Large
480p - Medium~28MB
320p - Small~15MB
Front Facing480p - Large~28MB
480p - Medium~28MB
320p - Small~15MB
iPad 2
iPhone 4
Rear Facing720p - Large
480p - Medium~28MB
320p - Small~15MB
Front Facing480p - Large~28MB
480p - Medium~28MB
320p - Small~15MB
iPod TouchRear Facing720p - Large~50MB
480p - Medium~28MB
320p - Small~15MB
Front Facing480p - Large~28MB
480p - Medium~28MB
320p - Small~15MB

Do I need to be logged into Swivl Cloud to use the Capture App?

No. You can use the Capture App without logging in or without having an account.

How do I get slides into the Swivl Capture app?

Create a free account at cloud.swivl.com. Save your presentation as JPEG. Upload it to your library. Then log in within the Capture App, open the library and it will sync automatically.

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5. Laptop/Camera FAQ (3)

How to make DSLR work with Timelapse App?

First, you need to make sure you have the latest firmware in your Swivl.  You can find information about latest firmware here .  You can upgrade your Swivl firmware two ways:

  1. Download the latest iOS Swivl Capture app and it will update your Swivl firmware to the latest version
  2. Use a computer with the instructions found here.

Second, you will need to select either the USB or Shutter Trigger interface in the DSLR Timelapse App settings.  The latter works with any DSLR camera.  USB interface is still under development but should work with most Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

What can Swivl do without marker?

Without marker, you can use Swivl for DSLR photography and remote controls via DSLR Timelapse app.

Marker provides three critical functions for video recording:

  1. Tracking
  2. Wireless microphone
  3. Remote controls

How do I make Swivl audio work with my video camera, DSLR, or computer?

By default, Swivl audio output port is configured to work with mobile devices.  But it can be configured to work with DSLR, camcorders, or computers.  You will need to use Swivl Capture App.  Install Swivl Capture App on a mobile device, and pair it with Swivl (over Bluetooth).  Once paired, you can find Audio Port setting with 3 choices:

  • Mobile: iOS, most Android, Windows, and other mobile devices
  • Laptop: Computers, Laptops, Camcorders, DSLRs
  • Special: Some small set of older Android mobile devices

Audio port setting is recorded in Swivl and will be set until changed again through the app.

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