App FAQ (3)

Do I need to be logged into Swivl Cloud to use the Capture App?

No. You can use the Capture App without logging in or without having an account.

How do I get slides into the Swivl Capture app?

Create a free account at Save your presentation as JPEG. Upload it to your library. Then log in within the Capture App, open the library and it will sync automatically.

How do I share a video I just captured?

Once a video is in your Swivl Capture library, you must first upload it to Swivl Cloud to share it. Once you have uploaded it, you can review it, add descriptions then decide who to share it with.

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Cloud FAQ (5)

What is the Swivl Cloud?

It’s a video hosting service for school, businesses and professionals that need to use video to share information. It’s ideal for any application where the content is sensitive, whether for privacy or confidentiality.

Why do you charge for Swivl Cloud?

Swivl Cloud starts free. But then we do start charging. The reason why is that we don’t take rights to your content to re-use it, serve you ads or otherwise try to monetize your content. It’s yours forever. Since we don’t subsidize your storage in other ways, we charge a modest fee.

Is the Swivl Cloud service necessary for using the Swivl Robot?

No. Using the cloud is 100% optional. The Capture App allows you to save the file as standard MOV that can be used with any hosting service or computer.

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Product FAQ (5)

What is the range of the Swivl Robot’s operation?

Swivl will work anywhere from 2 ft to 30 ft away. It can pan continuously in 360 degrees and tilt 25 degrees.

Will Swivl work with my phone or tablet case?

Swivl fits almost any mobile device. However, it doesn’t fit every case. Due to the sheer variety of cases, this is an impossible task. It will fit any case that is thinner than 12 mm. In addition, the best cases for Swivl are made of hard plastic and do not have a cover.

What is the battery life of Swivl?

Swivl uses built in rechargeable batteries. For a fully charged marker and base, the run time should be 4-6 hours depending upon use.

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Unboxing FAQ (11)

Where is my marker?

It is in the built in charging dock, behind the grip. Just lift the door up and you’ll see it!

What are the left and right buttons for?

They are for advancing presentation slides in the Swivl Capture app. More features will be enabled soon.

What is the micro USB included for?

It is used for firmware updates when a user does not have access to our app, or is having technical issues. Normally, firmware is updated through the Swivl app itself and this cable is not necessary.

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iPad Air, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations.
iPad Mini 1st and 2nd generations.


iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, and 4.
iPod Touch 4th and 5th generations

Android & Other Devices

Tested on select devices running Android.
TBD Windows Phones


Mounts most DSLR Camera and video cameras under 6lbs, as well as pocket cameras.

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Original Swivl demo video.

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