How to Swivl

Gathering and using Classroom Data

Capture & Share

Use the Swivl app for iOS and Android to connect to Swivl, record video, and upload to your Swivl account.

Record video with multiple audio channels from the Swivl app, connect to your laptop for synchronized recording, or securely share directly a member in your Team.


View & Collaborate

If you record the video, then you can securely view the video inside your Swivl account. Watch and make notes for self-reflection, share to a Group to get feedback from colleagues, or share with a coach for Rubric evaluation.

It’s easy to use and completely secure inside the Swivl platform.



Record independent audio channels to easily record teacher AND student interactions. Within Swivl Teams, you can listen to individual audio channels so you can hear every voice in the classroom.

  • Research data collection
  • Video Coaching
  • Self reflection

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