How to Swivl

Gathering and using Classroom Data

Swivl Classroom Setup


See a typical Multi-Microphone setup.


See a typical Multi-Camera setup.
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Easy Setup

Connect Swivl

Connect your mobile device to Swivl and place on a tripod. Swivl follows you while recording video.

Record Audio/Video

Place another Marker, mobile device, or chromebook in front of student groups to capture their interactions.

Cloud Upload

All the videos automatically upload to your Swivl cloud account where they can be easily viewed and shared.

Open Collaboration


Your projects upload securely to Swivl cloud. From there, share your projects privately with colleagues and coaches, individually or within groups.


Coaches and teachers can provide feedback with context via time-stamped comments. Also set comment categories and tag rubrics.


Use collective insight from your team to make informed and frequent adjustments in the classroom.

Need setup help?

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