Turns your mobile device into a front-of-room assistant and complete video solution. It follows you as you move around and interact with others, stops to focus on whiteboards when needed and even scans rooms at your command to capture groups and whiteboards.

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One-click control

The Swivl marker can be worn or held, and puts you within one click of video, automation controls and heads up reminders. It has a built-in wireless microphone to capture the voices you need to hear. Add a second marker and place it wherever you need to capture group conversations.

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Detailed specification

The hub for control and content management. Review and edit your content with convenient and fast wireless uploading tools. Customize the Swivl Robot to do exactly what you want including innovative controls like pause and 360 scan. The best part? It's a heads-up dashboard for presented content, reminders and time tracking to help you perform and while adding value to video viewers.

Heads up content with playback
Present slides to an audience or just use them as heads-up reminders of what to say, your plans and agendas. Then share it with video for context and navigability.

Include whiteboards
Setup at whiteboard, hit pause tracking for readability and get started. For large whiteboards, resume tracking to move to clear space.

Time management assistant
Use the built in countdown timers to help you stay on track while you present, teach and during meetings when time is of absolute importance.

End-to-end solution with one clean workflow.

Content rich

and distribution

Two way time
stamped commenting



Tools for any application.

Content rich

Capture slides, agendas
and lesson plans synchronized
with video to bring context
and navigability to viewers.

Unlimited storage

Never worry about storage
with Swivl. We help you focus on
what you do to improve teaching,
learning and collaboration.

Distribution options

Share publicly for free.
Or use our inexpensive tools to
embed to LMS, export and share
privately and securely

Better engagement

Using our private sharing
tools, track feedback and progress
with time stamped comments
and individualized analytics.

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Swivl helps everyone in education do their job better and improve outcomes.

Swivl's not just for educators. It also helps leading businesses improve productivity.

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