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Automated assistant

Video is proven to save time, money and improve learning. It’s just too hard to use. That is...until now. Introducing the Swivl Robot, an automated assistant made to improve how you teach, work and learn with video.

Complete platform

Swivl Cloud works in conjunction with Swivl Robot to bring you essential tools to share content, engage with others and analyze interactions. It's a complete solution for individuals, teams or organizations to improve with video. The best part? Storage is free.

Heads-up dashboard

The Swivl Capture App is a heads-up dashboard and control hub. It gives you the remote control, status and content management tools you need. Plus you can present content, get heads-up reminders of plans and agendas, and help managing time.


Right tool at the right time to improve education.

Swivl helps everyone in education do their job better and improve outcomes.

Swivl's not just for educators. It also helps leading businesses improve productivity.

For Enterprise


400 colleges and universities, 1000s of schools and districts, and tens of thousands of professionals around the world.

Featured Blog Post
Classroom video—the capture of instruction, lectures, student presentations, project-based learning and more—has become an essential part of education today. This recorded content prevents absentee students from falling behind, ensures slower learners fully grasp new material, and even equips teachers to reflect on class time and their own more.
BY: Michael Boykin
May 18, 2015
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