Redefining video for education.

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Blending instruction and coaching.

Swivl is a complete platform that enables anyone to use video for instruction. It's also an online solution for reflection and observational coaching. Why did we put the two together? Because they reinforce each other to accelerate progress.

Automated assistant

Swivl is a whole solution that includes an automated classroom assistant for delivering instruction and using video for a range of applications. It's easy to setup and instantly helps you start transforming how you teach, work and learn.

Heads-up control

The Swivl Capture App is a heads-up dashboard and control hub. It gives you the remote control and status tools you need. Plus you can present content, get heads-up reminders of plans and agendas, and help managing time.

Right tool at the right time to improve education.

Swivl helps everyone in education do their job better and improve outcomes.

Swivl's not just for educators. It also helps leading businesses improve productivity.

For Enterprise


400 colleges and universities, 1000s of schools and districts, and tens of thousands of professionals around the world.

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Champion classroom video this year. Start your year off right with some of Swivl's newest features. Our latest releases of Swivl Cloud and Swivl Capture allow you to include what's been missing from your videos, and make getting started a breeze. Capture outlines and agendas in your videos Swivl let’s you whip up an outline for more.
BY: Michael Boykin
September 14, 2015
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