How presentations should be delivered.


Lost opportunity

30 million presentations are delivered daily in schools and businesses. The majority are forgettable or delivered to an incomplete audience. But the point of all these presentations is that knowledge gets shared and skills get developed. So isn’t something lost?

Delivery redefined

Swivl is a robotic mobile accessory, app and cloud hosting service that makes delivering presentations, lessons and lectures more dynamic and recording it on video easy. It helps you stand out, deliver content to people that missed it and improve skills.


Direct upload and share

Upload your videos directly to the Cloud wirelessly to quickly share content, or simply removing it from mobile devices to free up space.

Automatically sync’d slides

No editing required. Just upload your presented content and they are ready for playback automatically. Exactly how they were presented. See a sample >

Measured sharing

Share your content by invite to track viewing and collaborate directly with viewers. Or publish the content publicly to share it with an wider audience.

Video hosting

We provide private and secure video hosting services for individuals, schools and businesses for capturing knowledge and sharing skills.