Swivl helps you stop losing the content you create daily.


Every day…

Something happens at your institution or company every day that should be shared with others for instruction, skill improvement or collaboration. But it isn’t, and everyone is missing out.

Start building today.

Swivl is an inexpensive mobile accessory, app and cloud hosting service that enables video from anywhere, anytime. It allows you to build for tomorrow by starting to capture what happens today.


Video hosting

Private and secure video hosting services for individuals, schools and businesses to use for capturing knowledge and sharing skills.
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Slides + video together

Display time synchronized slide + video presentations to create more compelling video lectures, lessons and training content. The Swivl Capture app makes it easy to create without editing. Learn how >

Mobile uploads

Upload your videos directly to our cloud using the Swivl Capture app. This simple and easy workflow can be used for quickly sharing content, or simply removing it from unsecured mobile devices.

Controlled sharing

Share your videos with only the groups and individuals you want to see them. Plus, see who watched it, when and what they thought about it.




Turn class time into content creation time.
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use Swivl to improve teacher skills and accelerate learning.

Flipped Classroom

Lower the barriers to trying this innovative and effective new teaching technique. Simply deliver lessons the way you always have and turn it into sharable, measureable learning content.

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Prof. Development

Improve the effectiveness of professional development by increasing the regularity of review and feedback by mentors and administrators. Teacher directed, regular video of the class turns PD into a collaboration.

Student Projects

There is no better way to learn skills than to see and hear yourself. Provide students with a low-anxiety path to start using video to capture presentations, collaboration, and skills for learning new things.

Higher Ed



Create your own massively online content libraries.
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around the world use Swivl to augment classes and expand reach.

Lecture Capture

Stop wasting the opportunity to build libraries of content necessary to enhance student experience, collaborate and provide thought leadership. Even turn informal interactions like office hours into meaningful content.

Distance Learning

Reach remote students by sharing content with our cloud service and measuring their participation. Or for broadcast applications use the Swivl Robot with Adobe Connect or Ustream.

Teacher Training

Help student teachers meet their degree program requirements for video. Use Swivl to capture and share with professors for feedback and keep the video in their own library of content as they start their careers.




Add innovation to your collaboration.
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using Swivl to train and creatively collaborate.

Presentation Capture

Millions of presentations get delivered to an incomplete or wrong audience daily, costing you time and money. Swivl is an immediate solution connecting this essential knowledge with the right people at the right time.


Insuring resources are properly trained is one of the biggest challenges facing enterprise and healthcare. Swivl instantly improves efficiency of content delivery and provides tools for trainers to measure effectiveness and get feedback.


Start capturing meetings and working sessions for remote teams to review, regardless of time differences. Or use the Swivl Robot to enhance mobile video conferencing using Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Skype and more.


Additional applications

The Swivl robot can be used for home video conferencing, sports training, pet training, remote medicine, and even has a range of DSLR applications >