How To Use


How To Use

How to videos that help you operate the product.

Using a pocket camera

How to use the included tripod adapter for pocket video cameras.


Installing Batteries

A quick overview for how to load and change batteries on your Swivl.


Mounting Flexibility with Cable

This video demonstrates the various positions you can place your device in the Swivl grip and how to route the cable.


What is line of sight?

Description of how the Swivl line of sight technology works  and tips for use.


Downloading videos

Shows the basic ways to use the Swivl app to review, download and share videos.


Sports Mode Explained

This video demonstrates the difference between Sports and Normal modes and explains when to use each mode.

Tracking Mode

Swivl Basics

Video that shows you what you get in the box and how to use your Swivl.


Creating How-To or Training Videos

This video will provide an example of some different techniques used for making how-to or training videos.

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