Distance/Hybrid Learning

Stay ahead of the game with distance learning best practices and resources

Swivl for Hybrid Classrooms


Distance/Hybrid Learning in Fall 2020

Predictions from Swivl about what the education landscape will look like in Fall 2020 and how to use video to achieve goals in synchronous and asynchronous distance learning models.


Swivl Live Streaming

Live stream using Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or more while Swivl tracks you.


Setting up a Screencast

Record the content on your laptop.


Setting up a Web Recording

Record video using the front camera on your laptop.


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Resources on Distance and Virtual Learning


Rapid Transition to Online Learning for Teachers

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Remote Learning Tools

Tools to help you and students learn from home


Templates and Tools for Distance Learning

Treasure trove of resources, updated frequently


10 Strategies for Leading Online When School is Closed

Plans, tools, and ideas for successful distance learning


Monash University Leverages Swivl and Zoom for Virtual Learning

Advice for quick transition to virtual learning utilizing available technology


Hong Kong International School

The school went fully virtual for the first time due to Covid-19


Building Communities Within Remote Learning

Staying positive and supportive during these unique times


Soundbites on Distance Learning from around the web courtesy of Synth.


Swivl Superheroes

Check out how everyday Swivl Superheroes are using video to cope with the push for distance learning on Twitter


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