Welcome to the Swivl store!

The new C-Series robot and Expand Case are available for order immediately. Deliveries will commence 30-60 days. Contact our sales team for questions and details on ordering.
Need to receive your order within 30-45 days? For a limited time we still offer our gen2 Swivl solution. Go to our Legacy Store.

C5 - $999

Our premium model of the new C-Series robot. Ideal for advanced users who want to gather detailed, personalized data of teachers and students during class for reflections, coaching and communicating with those outside of class.
Base + Primary Marker + 4x expansion Markers + 2x USB Marker charger + Carrying Case + 1 year Pro Cloud included ($50 value).

C3 - $799

Our mid-level model of the C-Series. Comes with 3x markers for gathering personalized data on teachers and students to help with a range of applications.
Base + Primary Marker + 2x expansion Markers + USB Marker charger + Carrying Case + 1 year Pro Cloud included ($50 value).

C1 - $599

Our basic model of the C Series. Comes with a single marker. Great for capturing presentations, student teaching and teacher coaching.
Base + Primary Marker + Carrying Case + 1 year Pro Cloud included ($50 value).
Add a floor stand to any C-Series robot and get $10 off!

Expand Case - $99

Make iPad video more natural and effective, with or without our robot. Compatible with C-Series and Gen2 Robot.
Team Pack - $579

Set up a team of 6 and get a discount.


Comes with iPad Case + Glass iPad screen protector + Lens + Stand + 1 year Pro Cloud included ($50 value).

Extended warranty for your C-Series Robot from 1 yr to 2 yrs.


Pro Cloud - $50

Add an additional yearly subscription to Swivl Cloud for team members.


Team Cloud

Talk to us to get a customized proposal for what you need.


Marker Pack - $249
Get two additional markers for your C-series robot with USB charger. Maximum 4 per robot. Series C compatible only.
Floor Stand - $99
Helps you find unobstructed space in your room for smooth operation. Comes with built in cable management clips. 36″-63″ height.
Mount Anything Kit - $29
Make Swivl compatible with any case. Handle large device cases and varying form factors, accompanied by an elastic security strap.
Android Cable - $19
Connect and operate the C Series Robot with any Android device. Not included in standard kit.