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4 Tips for Flipping your Class

1. Start Small. Flipping your class is a big endeavor! Just like any journey of 1000 miles, start with just one step. Kick off by flipping single lesson or unit. If you’re a multi-subject teacher, flip just one subject to test the waters.

2. Set Expectations. A flipped class model often represents an opposite experience from what your students have learned to expect. Give them a clear idea of what the new model will require of them. You may even need to “pitch” them on the benefits of a flipped class!

3. Let Tech Simplify, Not Complicate. There’s a lot of awesome tech out there and it can be tempting to try everything at once! When choosing a tool, ask yourself: “Will this improve my students’ experience? Does it create barriers to entry?”

4. Know Your Students. Only you will know what tools or methods will work best for your students. All of the tips and tricks in the world can’t replace that!

Use Swivl to flip your class and gain…

Dynamic Lessons
One of the common pitfalls of creating flipped videos for your students is the tendency to record “talking head” lessons. We’ve all seen them. A teacher sitting at a desk talking about the lesson topic.
Using the Swivl robot and app, you can move freely around the room as you record, using the whiteboard or props for reference. This produces a more engaging experience for your students as they watch.

Integrated Slides
The Swivl software allows you to integrate slides and other kinds of visual media into your videos. You can sync the media to your lesson, and the slide thumbnails provide an interactive table of contents for your students.

Embedded Videos
If you’re working with a Learning Management System to distribute and manage your flipped or online class content, you can embed your videos directly to your class page, making them easy for your students to access.

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