User Stories | March 29, 2017

Optimizing Formative Assessment Using Individualized Observations

Document, Reflect…and Assess? (Excerpt)

by: Jeremy Shaw

Swivl has been a great coaching tool for me but the capabilities do not stop there. With Swivl Pro+, a new wave of student assessment has begun. Swivl Pro+ makes use of the Swivl device as well as up to four other devices. One example of how I have taken advantage of this feature is with Mrs. Lilian Corbitt’s STEM Spanish I class. In this class, Mrs. Corbitt wanted to integrate our new Little Bits Kits. Before introducing the challenge, we needed to be sure students received a proper introduction to these “electronic building blocks”. We also wanted students to show that they had an understanding of these devices by building their own circuits.

So, how did we accomplish this?

We separated the class into 4 small groups. Each group had their own iPad running the Swivl+ app. Students viewed a presentation on the iPad (yes, Swivl allows embedded presentations as well!) and performed the task on each slide. To make this even more awesome, Swivl+ was recording each group simultaneously. Once the presentation and recording were completed, the videos were uploaded to the Swivl Cloud and compiled into one video. In this video we had the ability to select the group we wanted to view and even isolate the audio for the particular group. This allowed the teacher to assess whether the group correctly demonstrated the task.

Swivl and Swivl+ have opened up so many possibilities for teacher documentation, teacher reflection and, now, even student assessment.

I can hardly wait to see how far we can go!

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Jeremy Shaw is an Instructional Technology Coach for grades 6-12 in Snow Hill, NC. He mentors teachers throughout the region as a member of the Digital Leaders Coaching Network. His goal is to help teachers integrate meaningful technology into their instruction, allowing them to work “smarter” while increasing student engagement and achievement. Check out Jeremy’s website and Swivl Pioneer page, and follow him on Twitter