Product News, User Stories | October 31, 2017

Bookmark in Real-Time with Swivl

Make Time for Video - Save Time with Swivl

Time is the most precious resource we have. With more time educators can engage with more students, coaches can mentor more teachers, and administrators can save more district resources. As the world leader in classroom observation technology, we are dedicated to delivering new ways that help you save time.

Start Saving Time

We've talked with hundreds of teachers, coaches, and administrators to better understand how they conduct video observations. A common thread among everyone we’ve talked to is the struggle to make time for video observations. Setting up the recording is not the challenge - the Swivl C Series robot makes that part quick and easy. The real challenge is making time to review the video for self reflection or for video coaching. Who has time to sit through and watch hours of classroom video each week?

It's common when managing long videos to just skip around. Either you skip to sections you might have remembered were worth reviewing or you randomly skip around hoping to find something interesting. Obviously, that’s not an efficient process and we can do better. In fact, what if you could just press "Play" to review the high-impact moments from your video and did not have to remember when they occurred? Well, now you can!


You use bookmarks all the time - from saving a page in your book to making your favorite websites easy to find. It's amazing how a small and simple thing can have such a big impact in helping us find the information we need, when we need it. With the tap of a button, you can finally bookmark video too! Bookmark your best moments for your coach to watch. Bookmark learning material to share with students. Bookmark an opportunity to improve, or an instructional practice from your observation rubric for later review. Add a bookmark in real-time for anything by simply pressing a button on the Primary Marker during a recording.

After you upload the video and view it in the Swivl cloud player, click on the bookmark to skip to the corresponding section in the video, just like a time-stamped comment. By bookmarking key moments as they happen, you can spend less time searching for those moments when reviewing the video. No more aimless skipping around! We believe this will be the standard for video coaching and self-reflection going forward.

Comment Playback

But wait - it gets even better. If you are a teacher and you share the video with a mentor, for example, they too will be able to see the bookmarks you left. In the best observations, coaches and peers leave time-stamped comments on teacher videos to focus the the conversation on specific, high-impact moments. For longer videos this could translate to dozens of comments per video. Now, with comment playback mode enabled, those high impact moments where a comment or bookmark was made will be played automatically. The complete video is still there, we just help you skip to the good stuff.

Smart Playback

Finally, omit any insignificant sections of your videos, such as periods of extended silence. Watch videos in half the time with intelligent playback. We enabled a machine learning algorithm that intelligently and securely analyzes the video in your project to optimize what you see and hear in your classroom. Turn 40 minutes into 10 and only watch what matters with Smart Playback enabled.

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