User Stories | November 14, 2019

Getting Started with a Video Program

You need a plan. Buying a Swivl was the easy part. For a video plan to work it needs strategic and meaningful goals. Implementing a video program requires leadership and vision, so ask yourself: What are my organization’s goals? Who is part of your video collaboration program? How do I increase buy-in? How do I set this up?

Start Right

Identify your Goals. Are yours instructional coaching, new teacher induction, peer-mentoring, or widening student outcomes with better lesson targeting by improving student engagement? Swivl can help achieve these goals and so many more.

Get Buy-In. 

Gain trust and improve culture by using Swivl to record everything: school-wide meetings, workshops, and daily syncs. Involve and excite students too by recording and sharing presentations with parents and stakeholders that showcase student achievement.

Deploy Robots Efficiently

Provide enough Swivl C-Series robots with multiple markers (to include student voice) per team so there is always a device available (2-3 robots per PLC).

Set up a Team on Swivl’s platform 

Guided by Swivl’s Customer Success Team, we’ll design a custom video learning experience with your goals in mind. Each member of your team gets a unique Swivl team member account with a personal viewing library. Encourage peer-sharing and cross-discipline collaboration.  Participants share videos, provide and receive feedback in the form of time-stamped annotations, while utilizing your choice of evidence-based video framework (consider Harvard’s Best Foot Forward Project).

How to Grow with Swivl, from our customers:


At Laker Elementary in Michigan, Principal Kathy Dickens is able to easily and efficiently mentor teachers with specific and timely feedback. With three devices on her campus and Swivl cloud accounts for all, teachers can simultaneously record, reflect, and share their videos with each other and her, reducing the burden of time while improving culture on campus.


Union County Public Schools in North Carolina acquired Swivls for each of their 26 Master Teachers. With Swivl cloud, Master Teachers record exemplar content, receive feedback from their peers, and share their best videos widely, infusing a wealth of professional development content into the district’s program which teachers find relatable and inspiring.

State- or Nationwide

Harvard University’s MQI coaching program uses Swivl to facilitate coaching for New York math teachers. This remote research team helps teachers improve their instruction conveniently from wherever they are, using Swivl cloud for guided self-reflection and feedback.

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