K-12 Uses, Student Uses | November 14, 2019

Student-Centered Video

With so many endless inclusive possibilities to use Swivl, why wouldn’t you want to get your students involved? Their buy-in for using video in class should be as important as their parental consent. Swivl's platform is FERPA/COPPA compliant and while we don't allow students to create a Swivl account unless they are 14 years of age or higher, their videos can be safely stored in the teacher's account to be made available to both students and parents in a variety of a way. Here are a few ways students can and should be involved when Swivl is available to the classroom.

A flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom usually in an online platform. With Swivl, it is so easy for a teacher to record and present lessons to students in a secure space where they can utilize time-stamped commenting which provides opportunities for students to interact in a secure and private channel. Educators can also Bookmark their videos while recording so students know where to focus. 

With Swivl Live Streaming and Zoom, distance learners can participate wherever they are in the world as long as they have an internet connection. Swivl can also bring homebound students back into an authentic classroom environment. No more missed content, no more playing catch-up, and more authenticity that serves students, parents, and teachers alike. 

For ELLs and foreign language learners, Swivl makes it easy to track and accelerate language development. Teachers are able to focus on the individual needs of their students by recording with multi-video and multi-audio capabilities. Microphones allow students to practice their skills so the teacher can review their skill building after class, reducing pressure on the student to perform in a full group setting. 

Finally, students become the teachers when they take the lead and record their own videos using Swivl. Schools can promote college-readiness by Screencasting students’ presentations while they record themselves. Videos can be shared with parents so they too will never miss a moment of their child’s educational experience.

Joe Childs, Principal of Mitchell High School says, “Swivl provides more opportunities for educators to inform and engage students. And for students, Swivl provides the comfort of face-to-face instruction when they need it and the flexibility of technology when they want it.” We couldn’t agree more.

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