Robot Testimonials, Swivl, User Stories | June 18, 2016

Teachers Collaborate to Improve Student Skills

Collaborative initiatives often prove challenging for educators at large institutions or districts. As a result, the benefits of sharing teaching techniques, best practices and lessons are seldom realized. Enter Swivl.

Swivl is an automated video capture robot with a suite of online tools that enable educators and students to use video to develop their skills. Thousands of schools around the world are turning to Swivl to make regular use of video a seamless practice in their classrooms, while engaging both teachers and students.  “With the simple push of a button, users can record, review and upload their videos. They are in control of their own learning, and can create their own knowledge,” says Kristina Holzweiss, a middle school library media specialist in Long Island, New York.

Kristina discovered Swivl while attending the nation’s largest annual education technology conference. An educator who regularly applies for technology grants for her library, she immediately recognized Swivl’s potential to transform education at her school. It would give teachers an easy and inexpensive way to capture, review and share videos without the hassles associated with video recording. For Kristina, Swivl also meant the facilitation of collaborative teaching, making it a must-have tool for her library.

Given Swivl’s ability to fade into the background without putting additional pressure on the speaker as it records, she decided to use Swivl to record ESL (English as a Second Language) students as they deliver their final presentations in class. She also reached out to other teachers at her school with the idea of using Swivl to record student presentations and sharing the experiences.

The results were the same across all student groups that recorded their presentations —increased confidence and engagement. For example, a special education teacher had students reflect on elements of their presentations, such as body language and clarity of speech. Swivl allowed students to receive feedback immediately by reviewing their presentations with the teacher. They could finally understand their teacher’s evaluation protocol, thereby accelerating skill development and making them much less intimidated by the prospect of delivering presentations in the future.  “We are helping our students develop those 21st century learning skills that are essential for success,” said Kristina.

“This is just the beginning,” said Kristina as she shared her plans to introduce Swivl to more classrooms. Her plan is to work with a music teacher next and record videos of students singing and playing music. Students will be able to improve their technique by watching themselves playing instruments and assessing their hand positioning, among other things.

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