User Stories | February 23, 2017

Pro+ to Capture Classroom Discourse by Dr. Childs

Classroom instructional practices have a direct impact on student achievement. Thus, the need to examine the nature and quality of classroom instruction. In order to examine classroom instruction assessment instruments have been designed for researchers to conduct live observations of classroom instruction. However, live video capture limits the researcher’s ability to capture in real-time all the classroom nuances, nor does it provide the teacher the opportunity to review their instructional practices. In order to alleviate these issues some researchers, myself included have begun to use video capture in addition to classroom assessment instruments.

Initially video capture consisted of a singular camera focused on the teacher. As time progressed a two-camera setup was utilized. With one main camera focused on the teacher and a secondary camera focused on the students in the classroom. This setup allowed the researcher the opportunity to simultaneously capture and view teacher and student actions.

Swivl Pro+ allows one to recreate this camera setup, however now one can have a main camera view and up to 4 secondary camera views. In essence, a researcher could simultaneously capture the teacher, the board, and 3 different classroom angles including small group work. A setup of this nature provides limitless possibilities.

As a researcher, this feature is truly exciting as we are continually seeking ways to effectively and efficiently capture discourse in the classroom. Classroom discourse is the classroom instructional component through which most teaching takes place. Using Swivl Pro+ to capture classrooms will allow other researchers and myself the opportunity to fully capture classroom discourse and determine ways to improve classroom discourse. In addition, administrators could use Swivl Pro+ to remotely capture classroom environments and provide feedback to the teacher. Teachers could use Swivl Pro+ to capture specific instructional content which could be uploaded to the cloud for students and parents to view when completing homework assignments.

In addition, Swivl Pro+ will allow teachers the opportunity to review their captured video, assess their classroom practices, and improve upon their classroom practices for future instruction. In this technology age teachers and researchers need effective technology to examine and improve classroom instruction for students. Swivl Pro+ is the perfect technology to assist in improving classroom instructional practices.

Kristopher J. Childs, PhD, is an Assistant Professor within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction STEM Program at Texas Tech University.  He teaches within the STEM Education Program focusing on developing pragmatic STEM educators that are change agents, policy advocates, and researchers who can address issues that promise to improve student outcomes in STEM fields. Check out his Swivl Pioneer page, and follow him on Twitter